Pre-Owned Power Catamarans

Through The Powercat Company’s yacht management program, we take care of your yacht from the moment you take delivery, ensuring its value is retained. When you are ready to sell or upgrade, we take the hassle out of offering your yacht for sale through our pre-owned yacht brokerage program. Our custom-built luxury power catamarans are proven to retain their resale value and depreciate at a far lower rate than our competitors.

Thanks to our attentive after-sales and management service, as well as our years of specialized power catamaran experience, we have resold 100% of the pre-owned catamarans entrusted to us by our clients.

Our Pre-Owned Power Catamarans


Unmatched Value

When quality is inherent in the design, it remains.


Excellent Service

Anticipating your needs with consistent high-end service.


Concierge Experience

Personal attention through every step of your yachting experience.


Market Leader

Designed and conceptualized by yachtsmen for yachtsmen.

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