YachtingMagazine Review: HORIZON PC58

Big Kahuna

Horizon’s new PC58 is larger than it looks and as lavish as you like! – By: Chris Caswell


Let’s say that you were blindfolded and led aboard the new Horizon PC58. When the blindfold was whisked off and you looked around the salon, I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t guess the length of the yacht within 30 feet. In fact, I’d put good money on it. That’s because the “PC” stands for PowerCat, a catamaran motoryacht departure for Horizon that has a nearly 20-foot-wide salon.

Consider that the beam of the 30-foot-longer Horizon 88 is just over 24 feet, and you’ll start to understand why your eyes betrayed you. And, if you were to sneak a peek through the door in the forward bulkhead to discover that this mystery yacht has an airy on-deck master suite, well, you’d guess even larger. This visual disconnect occurs because your senses tell you that no 58-footer could possibly have this much space. Welcome to the new world of Horizon PowerCats.


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