The Horizon PC58 ZF Joystick Maneuvering System

A new innovation the JMS (Joystick Maneuvering System) from ZF Marine has now made owning a Horizon PC58 that much more attractive.  ZF Marine founded in 1915 is a world class leader in the design and development of Marine technology.  This cutting edge technology now affords you the same control and maneuverability you would have as if your vessel were fitted with POD drives.

360° rotation, sideways maneuvering, simple intuitive boat control, and other complex maneuvers are now managed easily aboard your Horizon PC58.  Now you can travel with the comfort of knowing you can handle any situation and when combined with the 4” draft and ZF SmartCommand you can now take your family and friends to places other yachts are unable to get to.

The confidence level and demand of yachting enthusiasts for Yachts outfitted with JMS has increased in the luxury yacht market.  More and more professional captains prefer operating a craft that is outfitted with JMS if it does not have pods or stem drives.  Due to joystick functionality and flexibility of movement the captain has greater control even in the tightest of spots.

Performance is key when selecting a yacht that is best for you and your family.  Performance ensures the highest safety standards and ZF Marine manufacturer of the JMS operates worldwide according certificate standards.

The JMS contributes to a more pleasurable yachting experience and gives you one more reason to choose the highest performing most luxurious Power Catamaran on the market.  Horizon PC58 will give you the most spectacular experience you can imagine and expect from ownership of a luxury high powered yacht.  The Horizon PC58 gives a whole new meaning to “Define Your Horizons”


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