The Art Of Woodworking: Horizon’s Master Craft Unveiled


woodworkingWhen building a luxury yacht, there are many crafts that contribute to a quality product and ultimately a satisfied owner. One of the most important is carpentry, an area that Horizon Group has excelled in within the last 25 years of yacht manufacturing. Thanks to evolving build technology and advanced carpentry skills, Horizon enjoys a reputation for  unparalleled wood craftsmanship and beautiful interior finishes that are admired by clients around the globe.

Experienced Craftsmen, Wood Masters

Carpentry makes up a large percentage of the working manufacturing hours for a luxury yacht; for example, more than 30% of the total manufacturing hours for a Horizon 100-foot motoryacht are dedicated to woodworking- which is why experienced craftsmen and wood masters are necessary to the process. Although modern machines and technology are still utilized, these experts make sure that the carpentry, especially in detailed areas, will result in interior finishes that will be admired for years to come.

woodworkingHorizon Group employs more than 120 talented carpentry masters that have decades of experience and provide the ultimate in woodworking skills. Horizon also realizes the importance of cultivating skills in this field and offers internship opportunities every year for carpentry students or students in related subjects, so that they may study under practiced craftsmen and eventually become master carpenters themselves.


Parquet Artistry

Parquetry is an essential decorative skill in yacht carpentry and creates a number of popular patterns- linear geometric patterns, compass patterns, custom patterns – yet this skill requires precise calculations and an excellent technique. The first step in parquetry is selecting quality veneer. The master carpenters must then match the veneers, checking the wood’s grains and patterns to make sure all pieces will have the same symmetrical appearance. Horizon can also dye the wood or create a custom pattern for clients. Once the woods have been matched, Horizon applies a specifically formulated wood glue to the veneers and then applies the lacquer finish, polishing the wood with 1200 grit sandpaper to achieve the gloss effect. Parquetry is a very detailed process, but the end result is a stunning interior wood finish that is well -worth the hard work.



Wood Quality and Working Environment

woodworkingHorizon closely monitors every wood source as well as the quality of wood that is provided to the factory, ensuring that we can in turn offer the finest grains and colors possible. Common woods selected by clients are American cherry, walnut, oak, teak, makore and mahogany; however Horizon has access to a variety of other woods and can provide advice on wood choices if desired. There are two wood heat treatment facilities at Horizon that follow international quarantine standards and have the ability to treat over 1,300 pieces of wood at one time. A comfortable working environment and highly tuned equipment arc crucial to carrying out high-quality interior woodworking, which is why Horizon has provided master carpenters with the best tools available as well as installed central dust collection facilities. These facilities help reduce grinding dust from drifting into other areas and also provide clean air within the factory.


Fiddle Rail and Crown Molding

woodworkingTraditional mortise methods are often used in making fiddle rail and crown molding in wood corners, as this method shortens the amount of time spent, yet easily affects the appearance. Instead of applying the mortise method, Horizon utilizes 1.5 mm wood strips that are accumulated to a desired thickness and then molds them into a specific shape – this avoids wood joint marks, increases durability and offers a better wood aesthetic. This is one of many processes that reflect Horizon’s commitment to quality and sets Horizon apart from other luxury yacht manufacturer.





Lacquer Finishes

woodworkingThere are over 20 senior paint masters at Horizon that are charged with carrying out and completing lacquer finishes on interior wood – this involves repeating a process of spraying, grinding, drying, waxing polishing and light varnishing wood until they have created a smooth, glossy surface. A finish surface can reach a glossiness rate above 95GU, which means that the surface is close to mirror-like, a feat that not many manufacturers can achieve.

Horizon uses lacquer finishes on exterior teak tables as well in order to ensure the table will resist high temperatures and salt erosion. The table is coated with 14 layers of primer and 6 layers of topcoat, which is the same R-M lacquer grade as Mercedes-Benz used on their luxury vehicles. Lacquer procedures are conducted in a lean, dust-controlled room built to ISO class 7 standards – another example of Horizon’ s dedication to creating the highest-quality yacht possible. Horizon Group is renowned for creating luxury yachts that feature advanced technology, superior design and high-level craftsmanship, and Horizon will continue to move forward in the industry, searching for better ways to provide our client with the luxury yacht of their dreams.

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