Sumner Point Marina, Rum Cay

Hi All,

Sumner Point Marina Rum Cay ‘lives’ but only just!!

With all the land disputes, hurricanes, and what have you, it’s a bit like the Wild West but we were able to get two Horizon Powercats in and rafted up comfortably on the remains of a dock.

Two nights there for a bag of frozen Tuna for the two boats was reasonable deal and Bobby who seems to be the ‘proprietor’ has some 70 laying hens so we were treated to 4 dozen fresh eggs.

Getting in and out was a little challenging for Ptolemy, only achieved at high tide. Hurricanes and no maintenance has left the channel narrow and shallow.

We had a great time there over the Easter weekend. Met a wonderful couple, Oscar and Sue who live in a house overlooking the southern shore. Sue first went there in the very early 70s so is a mine of information about Rum Cay. Oscar took our party of four plus Woody on an excellent tour of some of the beeches on the north side of the island, in this go anywhere vehicle, and it really did need to be ‘go anywhere’.

barbara hammond and friends

We dined royally at Kate’s place on the beach..

kay's bar and restaurant

alec hammond dining

Frank insisted on giving me flying lessons which did not go at all well…


inside airplane

On the basis that the further back you get in the airplane, ✈️ the further you may be from the accident, I eventually retired to the cargo area which I thought might be safer..

alec hammond airplane

Getting out of the marina even at a fairly high spring tide was a buttock clenching affair…

horizon power catamaran

pc60 ptolemy

As you can see the docks are in need of a small amount of tender loving care.

alec hammond broken deck



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