PTOLEMY Welcomed 4 Guests For a Good Time in The Bahamas

More drivel from the addled mind of an aging geriatric salt stained, beer soaked master of very little on his last day in the Bananas for a month.

Some names may be omitted to protect those thought to be innocent but may not be…

Last time I infected your inboxes with mindless ramblings was probably early February. The same public health warnings apply to this.

After several raids on Fort Lauderdale’s purveyors of alcohol and a couple of serious rummages at Costco, the good ship Ptolemy was fueled and ready for the next adventure. At dawn 31st January, we poked our nose out into the Gulf Stream to cross the 55nms to the Bahamas relying on Met Man Chris Parker’s prediction of fair winds and smooth seas. He lied, it was ‘lumpy’ but Mr. Parker’s apologetic email the next day made us feel so much better.

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A stop at North Bimini took care of the Customs and Immigration formalities then off again for the next 120nm run to the Berries where our lovely friends Peter and Erica welcomed us to their island and a wonderful dinner ashore. The hospitality was such that the rigors of a 13 hour day and 162 sea miles (186 land miles to the less salty Types) soon floated away.

After a great day relaxing with Peter and Erica, another dawn departure saw us on the way to Big Farmers Cay in the Exuma Island Chain, via a refueling stop in Nassau. We caught up Libby and Frank Simon on their lovely Horizon Powercat, Jabulani.

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Relax, I know what you are thinking, the idiot is going to subject us to an every day account of ‘woke up, ate breakfast, got headache etc., no, enough of that boring rubbish, I’ll hit you with different boring rubbish! Anyway, starboard side starter motor failed so we sat at Staniel Cay a few days whilst a replacement was flown in from Fort Lauderdale, the support and back up from Horizon Powercat Company and Cummins is quite the best ever and help from fellow ‘cruiser’ Bruce was much appreciated.

Fast forward some days and we are fishing where the Atlantic meets The Caribbean off  the east coast of Cat Island in company with Jabulani, anchoring   overnight behind a coral reef. Fishing wasn’t so good, the area is ‘patrolled’ by massive Atlantic White Tip Sharks who grab your catch before you can reel it in. One of the Sharks managed to wrap it’s tail in the line in the excitement of stealing our Tuna. We managed to get the beast to the swim platform before he escaped, not sure what Frank intends to do with that Gaff, the creature was probably 7 or 8ft long….. look them up on line.

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What you re seeing there is just the tail… me, there is another 5 or 6ft below that!!!

Excellent 50nm run back from Cat Island to the Exumas with the bonus of a lovely Mahi Mahi on the way. Look at that lovely smooth sea.

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Four guests arrived from the UK on the 19th February, we soon had them into the way of ‘things Ptolemy style’ with deck scrubbing and the like. We let the guys, Graham and David have a little independent boating which provided much entertainment for everybody else especially as the glass bottomed Kayak seemed hell bent on sinking…

alec hammondThe shock of their adventure had to be dealt with by the application of alcohol.

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That is it for today’s blog, the next will be coming shortly!

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