Pod Drives make Power Cataramarans Fuel Efficient, Deliver High Performance

ZF4000 Pod Drive Horizon Yachts Power CatamaransThe ZF 4000 series POD drive is now an option available on the Horizon Yachts PC58 power catamaran.  These highly advanced POD drives are a major innovation for construction and engineering of large luxury yachts powered with engines up to 1200 HP due to the amount of torque and force that is generated.  The ZF 4000 is able to handle the heat and power minimizing stress to the hull.

As one of the most efficient yacht  propulsion systems on the market the ZF 4000 POD series is having an overall positive environmental impact while delivering increased performance and a reduction of running costs.

Controlled by the ZF Smart Command control system and the JMS (Joystick Maneuvering system) creates unparalleled maneuverability, accurate speed control, and the ability to comfortably dock a large marine vessel the same as a small vessel. Safety and ease are built-in proponents of the system,

Beneficial Features of the ZF 4000 series POD Drive

  • Fuel Efficiency increase as much as 20%
  • Speed increase by as much as 15%
  • Drive-by-wire, electrically actuated steering a much more reliable system than the traditional hydraulic systems. 
  • Joystick with proportional speed control makes maneuverability a breeze and much more accurate
  • Electronic throttle & shift control – commands are executed via ZF SteerCommand processor
  • Electronically controlled interceptors – commands are sent by digital signal
  • Single lever control for safety  and ease.
  • Docking mode – easy docking is now available for larger vessels with the ZF4000 POD drive, ZF JMS (Joystick Maneuverability System), and ZF SteerCommand
  • Display – Easy to read and user friendly
  • iAnchor –ensures your luxury yacht stays in one place.

iAnchor is an optional function of the ZF 4000 POD drive that includes a GPS receiver  which allows your luxury yacht to stay in one location in the exact same orientation at the push of a button.

Docking is a breeze for large luxury yachts with the ZF 4000 series.  The ZF Smart Command is constantly making instruction calculations to the pods which rotate independently. Sideways tracking and the accurate control and ease of the Joystick now allow for docking in tight places with the same ease and safety as a smaller vessel.  Now its possible to arrive at any marina with confidence and a lot less stress making navigation much more enjoyable.

The ZF 4000 series POD drive is a revolutionary system specifically designed to enhance the safety, ease, and reliability of today’s yachting experience. The ZF 4000 is easily designed into the construction configuration of the PC58 as an available option.

When purchasing the Horizon Yachts PC58 there are many options and design layouts that are available to fit your specific requirements. 

Contact Stuart Hegerstrom 954-257-8717 for any questions or changes that you would like to see and he will be happy to turn your dream into a reality.

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