Please welcome the newest edition to The Powercat Company Family

Owners: Robert & Becki Brown
Horizon PC52 – “ETERNITY”

Horizon PC52 – “ETERNITY”Our first taste of a power catamaran experience was in May of 2016 when we did a bareboat charter with some friends, cruising several bays in the BVI for five nights. This trip left us with an appetite for more of the Caribbean and the simple beauty of its islands.

Our next step was to attend the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in the Fall of 2016. The first catamaran we stepped onto on arrival was sleek and sexy. Yes, it had a foredeck big enough for Becki to dance on but…there were endless more choices yet to step aboard.

The last yacht we visited was at the close of the show. It was a Horizon PC60 power catamaran and a young man named Jason (son of The Powercat Company co-founder Richard Ford and his wife, Leigh) was kind enough to give us a tour. We had a great time but decided for reasons I now can’t remember that we would not become yacht owners…just yet.

About nine months later, I observed my husband, Robert, looking at his boat magazines night after night (which he had been doing for at least 10 years). He does his research. I had always told him that his dream could become a reality — just DO IT! Stop worrying you may not get a return on this investment and know that it will be an investment in making lifelong memories with your family and friends. This, you can put no price on.

BLUE TONIC CHEERS!We both have worked hard in our careers. If being married for 30 years isn’t adventurous enough, we are excited to embark on a new adventure we can do together.

I also told him that the longer you wait, you will need to buy me a yacht that is as big as how old I am (LOL).

In September of 2017, we flew to Florida once again, met Richard and Leigh Ford and looked at a few Horizon PC52s and PC60s in the marina. Within 48 hours, we signed to contact to design our new Horizon PC52!

For now…the size is just right for us to learn the ropes of the yachting world, even though the Mrs. is closer to 60 than 52!

We can’t wait to go beyond the horizon on such a beauty as “ETERNITY”. We look forward to spending time with the Horizon Power Catamaran family. We also hope that others will be able to enjoy her as she will be available for charter.

There is nothing better than to be happy and enjoy ourselves as long as we can — to eat, drink and enjoy the fruits of our labor, for these are our gifts from God.

— Becki Brown