Horizon Power Catamarans

About PC Series

HORIZON’s history building power catamarans and why we decided to get into this segment of the cruising powerboat market.

Horizon is one of the largest yacht manufacturers in the world and to date has built more than 700 large luxury Motor Yachts over the past 28 years. Many of our owners were interested in a high quality power catamaran, custom built to Horizon’s Award Winning, International standards, hence the birth of our power cat range. The PC Series has benefitted enormously by collaborating with the best designers, naval architects, multihull specialists and engineers, namely Lavranos Marine Design (whom are responsible for all structural and hull designs on the PC Series), JC Espinosa, Winchester Design Group and The Powercat Company plus Horizon Yachts enormous wealth of highly skilled engineers and naval architects. Through this collaboration, we have gained over 25 years of catamaran hull development which have been further refined through extensive tank testing.

As a result, we are in the enviable position to be able to offer our clients tried and tested, highly refined and technologically advanced, luxurious cruising Power Catamarans. The PC Series are designed, engineered and built to meet the demands of the most discerning cruising yachtsman. Attributes such as the spacious, luxurious accommodations and large deck areas which afford privacy and space normally only found on much larger motor yachts, high cruising speeds, shallow draft, ease of operation and maneuverability, efficiency, eye catching dock appeal and built by Horizon Yachts highly acclaimed craftsman, all add up to make the HORIZON PC Series truly remarkable cruising yachts.

Horizon builds vessels to international standards and is fully certified from all of the world’s most reputable societies, including DNV, BV, LR & ABS. Horizon is also approved for building to Flag Code with MCA (LY2 and soon LY3), USL (Australia), NK (Japan) and CNS (China) and adopts SOLAS, MARPOL, CORLEG and MLC construction standards. Recent memberships of note include the Super Yacht Builder’s Association (SYBAss) and the International Marine Organization (IMO).

In 2004, Horizon developed an improved resin infusion technology that transforms the resin from original 2D flow on surfaces to 3D flow. Now our stiffeners can be integrated with the yacht during the infusion, making the yacht both stronger and lighter. To date, Horizon has successfully produced five 130-foot hulls utilizing our improved 3D infusion technology. In 2009 Horizon was authorized by EADS (European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company N.V.) through SAERTEX and authorized for another advanced-process technology called VAP (Vacuum Assisted Process). VAP is a breakthrough technology originally developed and applied on aircraft manufacturing and now applied to yacht manufacturing. Without sacrificing the benefits of SCRIMP, VAP can more uniformly distribute resin and guarantee less air trapped within the composite.

Horizon has a large 5-Axis Computer Numerical Control (CNC) milling machine for full-scale mold development, which has 0.01-inch tolerance. The MR-125 Gantry Milling System creates vessels manufactured with exquisite lines and artistry. Once construction is complete, every Horizon yacht undergoes extensive tests on all systems in the in-house dry dock and test tank facility. A series of water leak tests are also done to ensure that the yacht is completely watertight. The tests simulate weather conditions during a monsoon, using thousands of gallons of water to shower the yacht from various angles for up to four hours at a time.

Horizon offers a five-year structural warranty and our offices, agents and dealer networks worldwide provide additional after sales support. Horizon assures clients that their yachts have been professionally designed and built, and we undertake to look after and support our owners throughout the life of their boat.

The Design Characteristics That Set Us Apart

The PC Series (PC52, PC60, PC65, and PC74) offers elegant, chic clean and modern lines with custom-built interiors to suit each owner’s individual taste. The sea-keeping ability, safety and comfort was of utmost importance in the design process, and the numerous industry reviews are testament to us having achieved what we set out to do. Our power catamarans have the reputation of handling a big sea with unbelievable sea-keeping ability, and we encourage our potential clients to sea-trial our cats in poor conditions, which always impresses and converts skeptical motor yacht diehards. To further educate our buyers, we also encourage them to spend a week aboard one of our luxurious PC60’s in Crewed Charter, as a “Try Before You Buy”. Should the client proceed with a purchase, we refund the charter fee. Alternatively, we welcome you to test ride a PC in Fort Lauderdale at your convenience.

To quote Alec Hammond, a PC60 owner “If there is one thing that will convert buyers, it’s the quality of the ride, no mono-hull come’s close, particularly when it kicks up in the Gulf Stream – you simply have to experience it!

Although the real test is living aboard. Last year we spent a total of 6 months aboard our PC60 in the Bahamas. Of the 15 or so luxury yachts I have previously owned, The PC60 is quite simply the best cruising yacht in every respect, that I have ever had the privilege to spend time aboard!”

PACIFIC POWERBOAT – New Zealand: “ThePC60 would unquestionably be the best riding big power-cat I have ever had the experience to run hard and fast in rough water. It is free of vices and a credit to the builders and designers. Not only does it provide outstanding performance and handling, it also has the now legendary Horizon stamp of quality along with it.”

POWER AND MOTORYACHT – USA: “The PC60 is the best-balanced power catamaran I’ve driven. The fact that she’s Horizon’s first production multihull makes the success all the more remarkable. I¹m betting this cat will turn a lot of mono-hull adherents her way once they¹ve spent some time aboard, especially if it’s rough”.

And lastly, we have gathered data collected from the millions of sea miles our owners have cruised, listened to feedback from boaters at the hundreds of international boat shows we have attended and applied Horizon’s own extensive expertise in interior design, construction, engineering and architecture which has further perfected the PC Series.

What are the unique strengths of our designs?

Our unique ability to custom design and build to an owners’ exacting requirements ensures we exceed our customers’ expectations.

We are basically a quantum leap ahead of the pack.

The PC Series was developed as a power catamaran from the keel up, unlike many charter sailing catamarans that have simply been modified. The hull length/beam and hull slenderness ratios, plus numerous critical design criteria are fundamentally different between sailing and power cats.

Further testament to the success of the PC52 and PC60 has been their recent awards. The PC52 won the Aim Media Group Editors’ Choice Award for Best Multihull Over 50 feet and the PC60 had the honor of being presented the Taiwan Excellence Gold Award by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The PC52 won the AIM MEDIA GROUP EDITORS CHOICE AWARD for Best Multihull over 50 Ft. The Judges said “Wow! You need to get on this boat to believe it. The quality. The efficiency. And the engineering has not only created a class winner multi-hull but a class winner motor yacht.”

The PC60 was recently given the honor of being presented the TAIWAN EXCELLENCE GOLD AWARD by the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. After eight judges, representing Countries such as Taiwan, the United States, Japan, and Germany, evaluated the PC60 against roughly 1,200 products from 500other various companies, the yacht was awarded the highly coveted Gold Award. The award is the highest honor any company can receive through Taiwan Excellence.

The PC Series concept, design, and specification are managed by The Powercat Company, which insists on a no-compromise approach from design to delivery. The Powercat Company manages all sales in North and South America, Bahamas, Seychelles, and Caribbean as well as managing PC60’s in charter in both the British Virgin Islands (BVI) and the Bahamas.

The HORIZON PC Series now truly gives the luxury yacht owner a choice of owning an outstanding, beautiful modern yacht, with all the comfort, space, luxury and amenities they would typically only find on much larger Motor Yachts, but at a fraction of the cost of a comparable motor yacht and with far lower annual running and maintenance costs.

Since its inception in 1987, Horizon has emerged as the leading Asian yacht brand in the luxury mega yacht market and is known throughout the industry for its sophisticated craftsmanship, superior build techniques, and innovative technology. Horizon also contributes to one-third of the Taiwan yacht industry total export quantity and has elevated Taiwan as one of the world’s top five luxury mega yacht building nations. Horizon has been honored as “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder” 10 years in a row and is the first and only member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builder’s Association) from the Far East.

Horizon’s ability to create customized yachts is a direct result of our highly talented and dedicated team members that includes the following:

30 with Master’s degrees in Naval Architecture

50 with Bachelor of Naval Architecture degrees

65 full-time front-line engineers with college degrees in specialized fields

An in-house interior design team that helps each owner detail and personalize their new Horizon, with flexibility and creativity as the key driving forces

Over 1,000 employees most with more than 20 year’s experience, all with an unrivaled commitment to quality and integrity.

We look forward to discussing your personal yachting requirements, to allow us to tailor make your luxury HORIZON Power Catamaran to suit your specific cruising needs.