Horizon PC60 Skylounge – Southern Boating Review

Recently our popular PC60 Power Catamaran was recognized by the highly regarded Southern Boating Magazine. After attending February’s Miami International Boat Show, Southern Boating joined Stuart Hegerstrom, founder/director of the Powercat Company, on the return home from Miami to Fort Lauderdale on board the new PC60 Skylounge.

pc60 skyloungeDuring the trip to Fort Lauderdale, Southern Boating had a chance to experience the thrill our PC60 power catamaran offers firsthand. The stability, efficiency, quality of build, and customization of the hull is only the beginning to why our powercats were in the forefront at the Miami International Boat Show.

With the power catamaran market expanding, in reference to the PC60, Hegerstrom has stated “I did not want it to look like another boxy catamaran. Someone who’s spent this kind of money wants to feel that at least they’ve bought something that looks good.” Hegerstrom then continued with “The fit and finish are fully customizable, You’re limited only by the structural bulkheads and your imagination.”

The layout of the PC60 is favored by most charterers due to its’ large living space, rivaling even an 80-foot monohull! Upon boarding the yacht, the widespread layout allows visual forward to the front windscreen, which gives the feeling of open space and more breathing room. The view from the forward windscreen is also offered from the master stateroom, another favored aspect.

Along the travel, Southern Boating delved into everything Horizon Power Catamaran PC60 had to offer. They were impressed by the high quality galley amenities offered on board which includes but is not limited to, a top-notch Subzero refrigerator plus two freezer drawers, four-burner GE stove, a convection/microwave oven, dishwasher, nine drawers, and four large cabinets.

pc60 skylounge
Due to the high volume of sea traffic leaving the boat show, the trip back to Fort Lauderdale was a little slow but allowed plenty of time for the magazine to note the easy and efficient maneuverability the PC60 offers. As stated in the magazine: “the go-slow time was a chance to put the PC60’s twin 715-hp Caterpillar engines and Side-Power bow thruster to good use. As we fell into line, the boat could be steered without even touching the helm. Just push one throttle forward while leaving the other in neutral to turn, then correct any over-steering with a tap of the thrusters. Easy.”

The power catamarans’ fuel efficiency was another aspect fully appreciated, as the cat only burned about 24 gallons of diesel per hour. Stuart Hegerstrom explained “There’s far less resistance on two skinny hulls than one big hull, You’re pushing less water, so for a similar displacement it requires less horsepower to move the boat forward and get up to speed.” Noted was also the stability of the ride. No rail holding is necessary, even at 20 knots!

Ending the magazine’s well appreciated article on our PC60, they conclude with “with the PC60 Skylounge, Horizon has managed to package the luxuries and amenities of a much larger yacht into a hull that two people can easily handle—no small achievement.”

Horizon Power Catamarans would like to thank Southern Boating for joining us on the return trip home and for including us in their April 2014 edition. To read the full article from Southern Boating Magazine, click here.

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