PC60 PTOLEMY Withstands ‘a Bit of a Blow’ Cruising in Bahamas

The adventures of Alec and Barbara with guests Chris and Judy on our new Horizon PC60 PTOLEMY, in a ‘bit of a blow’ whilst cruising in Bahamas.
Chris and Judy
Our intrepid guests Judy and Chris Beighton recover after yet another adventure on the good ship PTOLEMY.
“On Tuesday evening we were at anchor off the pretty island, Hawksbill Cay in the Exuma Island chain, pleasant calm sort of day with a little wind from the N/E and nothing untoward in the forecast. In the evening the wind and sea got up and in no time we had a regular 40/45kns with gust of 55kns. Our 63kilo Delta anchor was well set with 100ft of chain out and delighted to say that we did not move at all but it was never the less an interesting night!
pc60 ptolemy winds
Wednesday we were at Cambridge Cay and on a mooring ball. Forecast was for gentle winds and it was another lovely day. Snorkeled the usual spots and had fun. Having been up all the previous night, I went for a little kip in the afternoon whilst Chris, Judy and Barbara had fun with paddle boards, swimming and such like. At around 5:30pm I was woken with the boat moving around somewhat and the sound of rain. We shut everything down and in the space of about forty minutes the wind had gone from almost nothing to 30/35kns and it just kept building from there and for a couple of hours it was in the 70/80 range with gusts well over 100kns! Most we saw were 108kns (that’s 125mph and well into category three Hurricane wind speed!) The wind went between howling and screaming and the rain was horizontal. I had the engines running for an hour or so in case the mooring let go.
There was chaos in the Exuma area with boats running aground, dinghies torn away and lost, canvas ripped off boats etc. Delighted to report that the mooring held and no damage what-so-ever to the boat or any of our equipment with ONE exception; our new ‘glass’ bottomed kayak has two floatation bladders, one tore away but by some miracle landed on the aft deck momentarily where I was able to grab it before it went on a world tour.
pc60 ptolemy barbara hammond paddleboard pc60 ptolemy alec hammond pc60 ptolemy
Thursday we stayed on the mooring ball and had a day of R and R.
 pc60 ptolemy fish
Up early Friday and we spent the morning trawling south some 28nm to Big Farmers. Lovely run in the open ocean with some massive swells from the storms but almost no fish, one bite but it got away and then we landed a small Barracuda.
pc60 ptolemy fish pc60 ptolemy fish pc60 ptolemy fish
UPDATE!: when we thought the fish were all hiding away after the storms and we might never catch another one, guess what, a very fine Sail Fish. Photos taken then we put the magnificent creature back into the water.

The adventure continues!”

-Alec and Barbara.

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