Just When We Thought it Couldn’t Get Any Better

So we got the ‘skunk’ off the boat with a nice Mahi Mahi this afternoon and were happy as clams. Then, just a mile out from the anchorage wham, bam, thank you Mam, three lines going berserk and just Barbara and I to ‘fish’ them. Maybe it was as well that one line broke so we could concentrate on the other two! Anyway, landed two lovely Yellow Fin Tuna, happy days!

Two hours then of filleting, trimming, vacuum sealing and into the freezers. Well, not all of it, we will feast on Tuna Sushi and grilled Mahi this evening whilst celebrating the death of the ‘Skunk’!

Mahi Mahi AKA Dorado AKA Dolphin Fish. This one was 44” long.

alec hammond fishing

Yellow Fin Tuna, probably the best ‘eating’ Tuna.

barbara hammond fishing

This Yellow Fin took this rather odd green plastic lure, which I put on the line more in hope than expectation. I guess if they are hungry they will go for anything.

Alec hammond fishing

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