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Horizon PC60: Time To Shake Down

05 Oct 15

Taking delivery of a new boat is an exciting time, with plenty to get used to. Our new Horizon Powercat Ptolemy, a PC60, was ready for sea trials in Taiwan in May this year. Barbara and I flew ou

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Charter to Ownership

23 Sep 15

A luxury charter vacation in The Bahamas on a Horizon PC60 enables prospective buyers to try before they buy. With hundreds of boats and yachts at boat shows to see, it can be dif

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Horizon PC52 Maximizes the Cat’s Virtues, Minimizes the Vices.

02 Apr 15

Horizon Power Catamarans would like all of you hardcore cruisers to set aside your preconceptions about multihull cruising boats for just a moment and consider a power cat for your next boat. Not jus

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Horizon Yachts PC52: Mini Megayacht

13 Jan 15

While there’s not a magic overall length required to classify a boat as a megayacht, few would place a 52-footer in the same “mega” category with boats such as the Ocean Alexander 120 or Sunse

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Our Boats Review: PC60 Blue Horizon

24 Apr 14

For nine years we ran two 68ft Horizon motor cruisers as crewed charter boats, based in the British Virgin Islands (BVIs.) During that time, we cruised the whole of the Caribbean's Windward and Leewar

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