Huge Fun Aboard Horizon PC60 PTOLEMY

After an excellent race weekend at Savannah Georgia, Team Hammond and Beighton, with Ladies Barbara and Judy, cruised south on the good ship PC60 Ptolemy into Florida and onto a dock in Daytona.
Our dock in Savannah was on Hutchinson Island just across the Savannah river from the city, a massive waterway leading to the Savannah freight terminal, occasionally huge ships passed by blocking out the light for some minutes!
Ptolemy on the Hutchinson Island dock, Savannah
Great fun stops along the way south to Daytona with south at Thunderbolt Marina then Comachee Cove.
Several watering holes were explored…

And then into Daytona and on the dock at Halifax Harbour for four days of testing, qualifying and racing at the famous Daytona Raceway. Only drama of consequence was a suspension collapse with our NASCAR roggering tyres and sending me into a spin at well over 100mph, fortunately not into a wall.

Apart from that the racing was fun with a couple of podium visits. The highlight was a night race where we finished second overall, only beaten by a Lola T70, a hugely powerful race car.

Just have a look at this short video of our 1966 Shelby Mustang on the Daytona banking at night, if it looks fast it is because it is, something like 170mph plus. Turn up the sound and savour the wail of a V8 being spanked!
image1 (1)
Monday today and our lovely pals Judy and Chris fly back to the UK 🇬🇧 but Chris will be back very soon for racing at Sebring whilst Barb and I set out on the cruise back south to Fort Lauderdale.
– Alec and Barbara Hammond.

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