Horizon’s Electrical Safety Measures Ensure You Will Cruise Without Worry

Taking proper caution with electrical systems is an extremely important part of the yacht build process, and as a direct result, important to the safety of a yacht in use. The loss of power and navigational functions are a major safety issue when cruising, and whether you are on a 56 or 156 feet yacht, there is real danger in a malfunctioning or down power system situation.

Horizon takes the security of our owners and their yachts very seriously – our dedicated electrical team is responsible from start to finish fort he power systems on board, from initial complex wire configurations to testing the equipment in tank tests and final sea trials. This high-level electrical team is able to not only plan and design each yacht’s electrical system according to her owner’s demands, but also work within the thousands of construction details that are in place. All efforts during the manufacturing process are targeted towards one goal: providing our owners with the safe and comfortable yacht of their dreams.

Qualified Electrical Power System Planning and Compliance with International Standards

The prep and instal of electrical power systems are fundamentally compliant with IEC 60092-507 international standards on every Horizon yacht; from there, Horizon will adhere to subsequent standards according to the regulations of the country of delivery, such as ISO, ABYC, AS/NZS and so on. Horizon’s electrical team can also design the power system to meet class requirements and achieve certification for ABS, BV, DNV, NK, RINA and additional classifications. For over 27 years, Horizon has accumulated a wealth of knowledge of international and professional standards and is capable of designing and executing an electrical power system that satisfies the various needs of our owners.

Expert Electrical Power System Installation

engineerProviding employees with a pleasant and safe work environment is one of Horizon’s top business philosophies, and as a result, we employ a great number of experienced senior staff, including our senior electrical technicians. Our electrical design and implementation teams are extremely skilled – technicians are certified by ABYC as marine electrical technicians and more than half possess 10 years plus senior electrical application experience. Additionally, many team members have more than 20 years of professional electrical work experience.

Our team is dedicated to growing their knowledge base and staying updated on technologies in order to obtain professional licenses and improve upon current electrical systems. Whether the task is to install specialized navigational systems or to integrate various electrical system into identifiable and easily maintained power supplies, Horizon’s electrical team tackles complex issues every day with the expertise needed to ensure our clients have an organized and stable electrical system.

Uncompromising Electrical Power System Testing

Before delivering a yacht to its new owner, Horizon’s electrical team works with the QA department to test the functionality and durability of the entire electrical power system. Functionality testing ensures that the numerous pieces of electrical equipment and systems on board – engines, generators, air conditioning, battery chargers, navigation instruments and AV – all function flawlessly. Durability testing detects and controls temperature rises in the above mentioned equipment and systems, confirming they are able to withstand both prolonged periods of operations and full load operating conditions. This test is extremely important in safeguarding the yacht against power shutdowns and electrical equipment failure when operating the yacht.

Advanced Electrical Quality Monitoring and Analysis

engineerThe increase in environmental awareness in the last few years has triggered many countries to develop carbon reduction targets, and many yacht builders, including Horizon, have followed suit, installing new power electronic load equipment that utilizes energy-saving technology. Although the aim is to improve the overall efficiency of the electrical power system, this new equipment is more sensitive to the electrical power quality than conventional devices, so Horizon monitors and analyzes each yacht’s system using the below:

  • “Insulation Resistance Testing” to find any abnormal power channels and avoid short circuits
  • “Current  Leak  Measure” to  reduce  current  leakage and  install  leakage protection switches that protect the user
  • “Corrosion Control  Measure “ to  effectively control  corrosion  and  avoid  possible  failures due to corrosion
  • “Battery Qualiry Analysis” to find and correct any battery abnormalities through the analysis of monitoring records, which reflect the long term variation of battery temperature, voltage, internal resistance, and battery charge and discharge.

Continuous Growth and Innovation

engineerModem technology is advancing rapidly and Horizon’s electrical  team advances along with it. Through a consistent approach of gaining new knowledge and proficiency in state of the·art electrical and electronic equipment, Horizon is capable of offering owners the ability to use mobile phones and tablets, when away from the yacht, to monitor the status of electrical equipment on board and operate the electrical power system.

Horizon ‘s dedication to sustainable development has also led us to begin cultivating new talents within our industry. We not only cooperate with the National Taiwan Ocean University, the local Maritime Academy, in researching specialized technology that uses “wave filters to improve the efficiency and quality of a yachts power system ,” but Horizon also allows graduate students hands on experience on yachts, so that they may gain a better understanding of the technology and equipment used on board. It is our hope that the collaboration between the marine industry, government, and educational programs will help further the technology, knowledge, and creativity required to secure sustainable development for the marine industry in Taiwan.

Designing and installing electrical systems, adhering to international standards, completing extensive testing, and employing expert craftsmen are just a few of the small electrical pieces in the yacht manufacturing puzzle. Horizon strives to make the highest quality luxury yacht possible, from electrical systems to overall performance and design, and advancing our technology, systems, and designs is an integral part of providing quality yachts. This is a responsibility we ask of ourselves, a commitment we have made to our valued clients, and a goal we will continue to uphold as we progress as a leading luxury yacht  manufacturer.

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