Horizon Yachts Evolves Into a Green Enterprise

Green EnterpriseSince its establishment in 2000, Atech Composites, a member of Horizon Group, has been fully committed to researching and employing the best manufacturing methods for FRP composite hulls and large yacht components. To date, Atech has built 320 FRP hulls that use SCRIMP method and has been focused in the last few years on adopting construction processes found in other industries — such as wind power and aviation –and combining them with their own professional skills and techniques to create yacht hulls and components that are of the best possible quality. These advanced processes are also used to manufacture the Horizon Power Catarmans PC series.

Atech researched into outside manufacturing methods five years ago and decided to extend their efforts to the field of wind blade repairs, which draws upon advanced yacht building experiences and technologies. Atech’s engineers invested many years examining yacht composite materials and how to relate them to wind blade technology, and in 2009 Atech successfully created the first 43-meter wind blade. This year, Atech was approved by GL to professionally repair wind blades and is the only shipyard in Asia that both manufactures yacht hulls and is certified to repair wind blades.

GuyTopHatGL certification is a high quality standard in the wind power industry. There are strict standards for materials and repair quality. Workers, procedures and documents must all be inspected prior to the start of a project. Atech also upholds the ISO quality system, which is adhered to in the manufacture of all Horizon yachts, during a wind blade repair.

The coalescence of Atech’s experience in FRP hulls and valuable knowledge gained from endeavors with wind blades has been extremely beneficial in improving overall hull quality and will continue to open new doors for Horizon in the world of composites.




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