Horizon Proudly Introduces The New PC52

The New PC52 Open-Bridge and PC52 Sky-lounge Luxury Cruising Power Catamaran to go into production. 

After the hugely successful debut of the PC60 in 2011, Horizon is now pleased to introduce the PC52 Open-Flybridge and PC52 Sky-lounge. The highly refined hull design on the PC52 is the result of over 25 years of catamaran hull design development and further refined with tank tests. and offers a stable, soft, smooth and efficient ride, most notably when it is rough, as noted by POWER and MOTORYACHT after their sea trial on the PC60, “This is the best-balanced power catamaran I’ve driven. I’m betting this cat will turn a lot of monohull adherents her way once they’ve spent some time aboard. Especially if it’s rough”.

Horizon Power Catamarans PC52 side view

The PC range is built using the patented SCRIMP resin infused system ensuring a lighter, stiffer and far stronger structure compared to typical build methods. Our owners can go to sea with confidence, knowing that their yacht has been professionally designed, engineered and built to the highest standard in the industry to withstand the rigors of true Blue Water cruising.

Horizon Power Catamarans PC52 Aerial Sketch

The PC52 is built specifically for a production style, meaning more affordable pricing to allow all cruisers the opportunity to enjoy Horizon Yachts International award winning quality. With weight in mind, she is capable of delivering a safe, comfortable and enjoyable ride all while optimizing any available space, not to mention being a optimum fuel efficiency power yacht. While coasting the blue waters, she keeps you dry and stable, allowing you complete comfort and reliability during your yacht charter.

Her design is flawless, repelling beauty in every direction. Her modern interior offers very comfortable live-aboard accommodations plus all the necessary amenities needed for extended cruising.

Where Elegance And Rugged Dependability Are No Longer A Contradiction

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