Hammonds in August: Adventures on Board PC60 PTOLEMY

We arrived back in (sunny??) Burford on Saturday and began to very quickly check out the local hostelry, so Barbara could take on the locals at Cribbage and I could get on the outside of some proper beer. Delighted to report that all’s well in both departments…
Lovely boat guests kindly gave us a Panasonic LUMIX underwater camera so ‘nature in the deep’ will feature in this newsletter.
Take a look at this stunning Eagle Ray.
Eagle Ray Horizon PC60 PTOLEMY Alec Hammond
A Hawksbill Turtle swam into the viewfinder.
Hawksbill turtle pc60 ptolemy
So too did a Mermaid waiting for somebody to swim down and tickle the ivories.
mermaid piano ptolemy
No need for the underwater function to capture this majestic Osprey.
osprey ptolemy
We have had an excellent few months on the good ship Ptolemy with a total of 34 guests since the beginning of the year. Many from Oxford Products, so of course they paid due homage to the ‘house pennants’ on the bow of the boat. This is our token Scotsman, Eric, taking his well earned evening ‘Dark and Stormy’ whilst contemplating the meaning of life.
pc60 ptolemy eric guest
Sometimes the party would prefer a ‘Kalik with water’ or a little ‘lightly chilled white’…
pc60 ptolemy charter fun
Ship wrecks provide lots of hiding places.
ship wrecks underwater life
I’m sure there is a caption for this somewhere….
pc60 ptolemy charter fun
Didn’t I drop my sunglasses around here somewhere?
pc60 ptolemy charter fun
Eventually we had to run from the Exuma Island chain back to Fort Lauderdale, put the boat to bed and head for Miami and the flight back to UK. On the way we were treated to this amazing cloud formation which then became a spectacular lightening storm.
pc60 ptolemy clouds sunsetpc60 ptolemy clouds
Next day we had a rainbow to guide us across the sea to Fort Lauderdale.
rainbow ptolemy

Great to be back in the UK and catching up with friends and family.

Kind regards,
Alec and Barbara.

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