Design & Structural Integrity are Key for Blue Water Cruising & Safety

Blue-water cruising in a luxury yacht is THE ultimate experience and in calm conditions, it’s smooth sailing so-to-speak. But conditions aren’t always calm, which is why it is important that your boat is as rugged and sea-worthy as it is luxurious. Rough sea conditions can create unsafe circumstances and even threaten the structural integrity of boats.

PC60 Skylounge Exterior

A recent blog by Tow Boats illustrates this point very well. A 51 foot Leopard power catamaran was in choppy 5 to 7 foot seas and 25 knot winds, off the coast of Port Everglades, when the Master hailed for assistance. The fiberglass on the foredeck was ripping apart and the sea worthiness of the vessel was compromised. A salvage crew from Tow Boats was able to rescue the crew and save the vessel, but this demonstrates the importance of not only a well-designed boat but also a well-constructed vessel.

At Horizon Power Catamarans our yachts are built for performance and durability with the highest standards in luxury, design and safety. Our power catamarans have been tested time after time, earning a reputation of handling well in big seas with unbelievable sea-keeping ability under all conditions.


Horizon has not only been tested in multiple Sea Trials with excellent results, it has been tested by clients who have encountered extremely rough conditions during extended open water sailing, coming through with outstanding performance.

Utilizing the patented SCRIMP (Seemann Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process) is capable of molding a yacht hull in one piece up to 3,000 pounds. The SCRIMP process produces yachts that are double the strength and durability in comparison to other yacht manufacturers who choose to use other processes

The SCRIMP process also reduces the hull weight, creates greater efficiency in production time. SCRIMP is also an environmentally friendly production technology composite, reducing the amount of emissions and eliminating VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions released into the atmosphere during construction by other resin processes during the curing cycle.


Elegant lines, luxurious interiors, state-of-the-art technology are combined in a robust design, with durable construction and engineering for the ultimate blue-water cruising experience. Built for luxury with the highest marine safety standards, Horizon builds vessels to international standards and is fully certified from all of the world’s most reputable societies, including DNV, BV, LR & ABS. Horizon is also approved for building to Flag Code with MCA (LY2 and soon LY3), USL (Australia), NK (Japan) and CNS (China) and adopts SOLAS, MARPOL, CORLEG and MLC construction standards. Recent memberships of note include the Super Yacht Builder’s Association (SYBAss) and the International Marine Organization (IMO).

For more information on our power catamarans and how you can own yours today, contact us! We also have charter cats available.

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