Blue Horizon’s Journey With the Hammonds

Alec Hammond, Horizon Power Catamaran PC60, Blue Horizon’s owner, spent nearly a year cruising the waters and shared his journey with us through exciting photos and text. See below for his exciting story.
Our cruising adventure ran from mid December 2012 through mid August 2013, with an eight week break back in the UK in the middle; during which time we slotted in some classic car racing and a long weekend trip for Alec to the Aussie Boat Show at Century Cove, Brisbane.
That’s Alec with the little red ‘Oxford’ Chevron attempting a sneaky move up the inside of the pack at Donington Park.
Blue Horizon (24)
Whilst on board Blue Horizon this year, we were able to entertain friends, family and treasured work colleagues from Oxford Products, most of whom flew out from the UK. In all we had 30 guests over the period, huge fun and lots of amazing memories. Somehow, it never seemed like work when we had lovely guests, more than happy to help with duties including anchoring. The photo below shows Martin Brewer and the lovely Paula keeping a sharp eye out for Santa and his sleigh….
Blue Horizon (25)
Blue Horizon (26)Blue Horizon (27)Fellow cruiser and distinguished fisherman, Frank Simon, with a treasured Christmas present from Mathew, the landlord of that famous watering hole in the Cotswolds, The Inn For All Seasons. There is of course a story behind the plastic boots, ask Frank! Then we have the lovely 1st Mate Barbara not knowing which present to open next!
Anybody fancy an evening swim? Actually it is a Nurse Shark but they can still give you a nasty suck! Our previous boat was a 42ft Africat, and here Blue Horizon rendezvous with two of them off Sampson Cay in the Exuma Islands.
Blue Horizon (28)      Blue Horizon (29)
And let’s all eat Mahi Mahi tonight!                               Family MacFastlane enjoying the ride.
Blue Horizon (30)  Blue Horizon (31)
Blue Horizon (32)Blue Horizon (33)The locals need no excuse for a party and they need even less to organise some serious sail boat racing. This is Staniel Cay’s boat Tida Wave being sailed with considerable enthusiasm. Note the plank with heavy guys providing ballast, huge fun when they ‘go about’! The conditions for the two days of racing this year were made a little more interesting with some strong winds. Sadly it resulted in two accidents, ‘sister ship’ to Tida Wave, The Lady Muriel, piled on a little too much sail, suffered a ‘knock down’ and sank… fortunately in shallow water so she was recovered soon after whilst the crew sought solace and sympathy in the bar!
There was another accident followed the next day when there was a collision between the local boat Tida Wave and a rather smart visiting catamaran,Glory Days. The mid ship hull of the cat was no match for the bow of Tida Wave. Thankfully with quick thinking by the crew, who promptly beached the sinking cat, we would have had a second boat on the bottom. A couple of very sad images, fortunately nobody was hurt.
Blue Horizon (34) Blue Horizon (35)
A patch was fabricated to cover the hole and two days later a salvage boat Amazing Grace began the 200 plus mile tow to Fort Lauderdale in Florida where Glory Days was to be repaired.
On a lighter note….. we did manage to persuade a Bird of Paradise to fly by slow enough for a photo, what a stunning creature…                                                                         This lovely Curly Tail was also happy to pose….
Blue Horizon (36)  Blue Horizon (37)
Blue Horizon (38)Blue Horizon (39)Youngest Grandson Baby Arthur was a star attraction when he came out from the UK with his Mum, Dad and Sister Issy, He very soon learnt nautical skills. When his Mum Emily was disqualified from driving the dingy (something to do with the contents of her left hand), he was able and ready to take over whilst Henry keeps a sharp eye out for pirates…
Ever mindful of the safety of our guests whilst at sea, we felt that practicing abandoning ship would be a sensible thing to do.. after several attempts I think they got the hang of it…
Blue Horizon (41) Blue Horizon (40)
Blue Horizon (42)Blue Horizon (43)
Some guests think they are coming on holiday, these four lovely people knew better and had the appropriate T Shirts printed up before they arrived… They also know how important it is to arrive with a good supply of liquid refreshment, note the case of Corona safely tucked under young Noel’s elbow…..
And to finish, not sure if pigs really do fly but I am totally convinced that they can swim in the crystal clear waters of the Exumas and are even prepared to give a rather lazy seagull a free ride.
Blue Horizon (44)
And on that note…Bye for now
-Alec and Barbara.

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