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Horizon’s Newest Venture: Applying Aviation Technology To Yacht Building

11 Mar 13

Since 2011, Atech Composites, a member of Horizon Group, has collaborated with the Chung - Shan Institute of Science and Technology ( CSIST ) on a special project that is outside of the normal yacht production realm: the design and manufacturing of aviation parts. This project has presented a variety of challenges for Atech's R&D team, yet overcoming these challenges have proven evolutionary. It has provided the R&D team with valuable technological knowledge and experiences that they can now try to apply to yacht manufacturing. One of the tools that Horizon has gained is the use of pre-preg material that can be used to produce the composite components of yachts. "Pre-preg" is a term that means pre-impregnated, referring to the practice of pre-embedding fibers with resin, such as epoxy. Pre-preg already contains an amount of the matrix material of resin and utilizes it to bond together fiber and other components during production of the fiber cloth. Heat

The Art Of Woodworking: Horizon’s Master Craft Unveiled

07 Mar 13

  When building a luxury yacht, there are many crafts that contribute to a quality product and ultimately a satisfied owner. One of the most important is carpentry, an area that Horizon Group has excelled in within the last 25 years of yacht manufacturing. Thanks to evolving build technology and advanced carpentry skills, Horizon enjoys a reputation for  unparalleled wood craftsmanship and beautiful interior finishes that are admired by clients around the globe. Experienced Craftsmen, Wood Masters Carpentry makes up a large percentage of the working manufacturing hours for a luxury yacht; for example, more than 30% of the total manufacturing hours for a Horizon 100-foot motoryacht are dedicated to woodworking- which is why experienced craftsmen and wood masters are necessary to the process. Although modern machines and technology are still utilized, these experts make sure that the carpentry, especially in detailed areas, will result in interior finish

Horizon Yachts Evolves Into a Green Enterprise

26 Feb 13

Since its establishment in 2000, Atech Composites, a member of Horizon Group, has been fully committed to researching and employing the best manufacturing methods for FRP composite hulls and large yacht components. To date, Atech has built 320 FRP hulls that use SCRIMP method and has been focused in the last few years on adopting construction processes found in other industries -- such as wind power and aviation --and combining them with their own professional skills and techniques to create yacht hulls and components that are of the best possible quality. These advanced processes are also used to manufacture the Horizon Power Catarmans PC series. Atech researched into outside manufacturing methods five years ago and decided to extend their efforts to the field of wind blade repairs, which draws upon advanced yacht building experiences and technologies. Atech's engineers invested many years examining yacht composite materials and how to relate them to wind blade technology,

Horizon Group’s Premier Shipyard Expands!

19 Feb 13

Horizon Group, with its extensive experience gained over the last 25 years, has expanded its Premier shipyard, located in the Port of Kaosiung, to create a refit center. This expansion will provide high quality refits to owners of steel, FRP or aluminum vessels. Building yachts and power catamarans in excess of 110 feet with BV, DNV, ABS or Lloyds classification, is Horizon Group's forte.  Horizon Group's Premier shipyard is dedicated to building top of the line super yachts. Currently, they are constructing the largest Asian-built luxury yacht, exceeding 148 feet with BV Ice Classification. To date Horizon Group has completed seven fully-classed super yachts. This refit center is backed by the comprehensive engineering, design and construction divisions of Horizon. The latest refit underway at Horizon, is the Russian flagged 130 foot “Sea Hunter” which was originally built in Turkey in 2005. The expanded shipyard now incorporates 656 feet (200m) of water front prope

Blue Horizon’s Bahamian Adventures

02 Feb 13

Since her arrival in Fort Lauderdale this past October, the Horizon Power Catamarans PC60 Blue Horizon has been showcased with Horizon Yachts at three major boat shows in Fort Lauderdale, Miami and Palm Beach. Blue Horizon was well-received by both motor yacht and power catamaran enthusiasts. Her owners, Alex and Barbara Hammond, were on board during each show to relay their own experiences to potential clients. "With the unusual design and definitely being  the 'first of a kind' , the PC60 Blue Horizon caused quite a stir at all three shows," says owner Alex Hammond. Once the spring show season wrapped, Blue Horizon and her owners set off for some well deserved relaxation time in the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas. They began their Bahamas journey with a cruise across the Gulf Stream to Albany Marina, which lies at the south west end of New Providence. While at Albany, the Hammonds provisioned the power catamaran as well as welcome their first set of guests Martin 

Horizon Power Catamaran PC60 at Miami & Palm Beach Boat Shows

31 Jan 13

Horizon Power Catamaran PC60 Featured at Miami & Palm Beach International Boat Shows 2013 Horizon is pleased to announce that we will be showcasing our PC60 as well as three of our other luxury vessels - E88 Superyacht, Expedition Yacht EP69, and Motor Yacht E56 at both the Miami and Palm Beach International Boat Shows.   The New PC60 Open-Bridge will be on display at the  2013 Miami International Boat Show February 14th - 18th on ramp 15, slips 410 - 413 along Collins Avenue.   In a recent review by PACIFIC POWERBOAT of New Zealand, editor Barry Thompson noted the following; "The PC60 would unquestionably be the best riding big powercat I have ever had the experience to run hard and fast in rough water. It is free of vices and a credit to the builders and designers. Not only does it provide outstanding performance and handling, it also has the now legendary Horizon stamp of quality along with it." We invite you to experience this first hand after the sh

Yachts International Review: Horizon PC58

09 Nov 12

Space and Grace The Horizon PC58 made its world debut at the 2011 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and proved to be a great success story with several orders following its first appearance. This surprising 58-footer, part of Horizon’s new power catamaran series, has the volume of a boat twice its length and is easily handled by a couple of experienced boaters. A mini-superyacht, this 58-foot catamaran certainly fits the bill for Alec and Barbara Hammond, a lively retired couple from the UK, who ordered hull No. One. “Space and grace. Those are two words that sum up our new boat,” said Alec Hammond when we met him aboard his new yacht. The Hammonds have had larger yachts, but at this juncture in their life, they take pleasure in being hands-on and do not wish to have crew. They love to have family and friends visit and with its 24-foot, 6-inch beam, the boat feels enormous. The main deck features a generous main salon with a raised sofa, lounging area, a country-

Horizon Proudly Introduces The New PC52

06 Nov 12

The New PC52 Open-Bridge and PC52 Sky-lounge Luxury Cruising Power Catamaran to go into production.  After the hugely successful debut of the PC60 in 2011, Horizon is now pleased to introduce the PC52 Open-Flybridge and PC52 Sky-lounge. The highly refined hull design on the PC52 is the result of over 25 years of catamaran hull design development and further refined with tank tests. and offers a stable, soft, smooth and efficient ride, most notably when it is rough, as noted by POWER and MOTORYACHT after their sea trial on the PC60, "This is the best-balanced power catamaran I've driven. I'm betting this cat will turn a lot of monohull adherents her way once they've spent some time aboard. Especially if it's rough". The PC range is built using the patented SCRIMP resin infused system ensuring a lighter, stiffer and far stronger structure compared to typical build methods. Our owners can go to sea with confidence, knowing that their yacht has been professionally designed, enginee