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YachtingMagazine Review: HORIZON PC58

13 Jun 12

Big Kahuna Horizon's new PC58 is larger than it looks and as lavish as you like! - By: Chris Caswell   Let’s say that you were blindfolded and led aboard the new Horizon PC58. When the blindfold was whisked off and you looked around the salon, I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t guess the length of the yacht within 30 feet. In fact, I’d put good money on it. That’s because the “PC” stands for PowerCat, a catamaran motoryacht departure for Horizon that has a nearly 20-foot-wide salon. Consider that the beam of the 30-foot-longer Horizon 88 is just over 24 feet, and you’ll start to understand why your eyes betrayed you. And, if you were to sneak a peek through the door in the forward bulkhead to discover that this mystery yacht has an airy on-deck master suite, well, you’d guess even larger. This visual disconnect occurs because your senses tell you that no 58-footer could possibly have this much space. Welcome to the new world of Horizon PowerCats.

Dock Appeal and Performance, You Can Have both!

13 Jun 12

Magnificent lines, first class style, a visual masterpiece perfected in modern design with the latest technology. Horizon integrates all of the above through the knowledge and creativity of an internationally acclaimed and highly recognized team of naval architects and advanced marine engineers. Horizon’s team consists of: 15 with Master degrees in Naval Architecture 10 with Bachelor of Science degrees in Naval Architecture 65 full-time- front-line engineers with college degrees in specialized fields With this exceptional team Horizon is capable of manufacturing customized luxury yachts that match the needs of their customers. Horizon Yachts produces a wide variety of luxury yachts that are structurally sound, made for durability and optimum performance, highly functional for recreational, entertainment, comfort, and leisure needs plus visually attractive for today’s yachting enthusiast. No one yacht is going to appeal to everyone that is why Horizon produces and man

SCRIMP the Optimum Hull Construction for Luxury Yachts

07 Jun 12

Horizon Yachts has obtained a licensing agreement with Seeman Corp a recognized leader in large scale resin infusion technology to use the SCRIMP process an acronym for Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process a patented composite process used in the  production of the luxury power catamaran yacht PC58 model.   The SCRIMP process is capable of molding a yacht hull in one piece up to 3,000 pounds. SCRIMP produces boats that are double the strength and durability in comparison to other processes.  The SCRIMP process also reduces the hull weight, creates greater efficiency in production time.  SCRIMP is also an environmentally friendly production technology composite reducing the amount of emissions and eliminating VOC (Volatile organic compounds) emissions released into the atmosphere during construction by other resin processes during the curing cycle. SCRIMP is an industry-wide revolution now being used in a broad range of applications including yacht hulls, large parts

Yacht and Catamaran Builders Dream

17 Apr 12

Internationally acclaimed Horizon Yachts makes investing in the latest technology a priority in order to achieve its goal of building the best yacht possible for award winning performance, style, and elegance.  Engineering, technology and luxury designs are planned to the highest standards and the smallest detail.  As part of the manufacturing process Horizon has invested in a Gantry Milling machine which incorporates 5 axis routing as opposed to conventional 3 axis routers typically used in manufacturing. Building yachts with a 5 axis router ensures that Horizon stays at the leading edge of manufacturing technology and capability as well as a competitive advantage in delivering outstanding craftsmanship and the most elegant of designs in the yachting industry with greater efficiency standards. A 5 axis router allows for movement and rotation on 5 different planes achieving consistency and integrity in design during the yacht manufacturing process.  Working at 1,800 inches per mi

Pod Drives make Power Cataramarans Fuel Efficient, Deliver High Performance

06 Apr 12

The ZF 4000 series POD drive is now an option available on the Horizon Yachts PC58 power catamaran.  These highly advanced POD drives are a major innovation for construction and engineering of large luxury yachts powered with engines up to 1200 HP due to the amount of torque and force that is generated.  The ZF 4000 is able to handle the heat and power minimizing stress to the hull. As one of the most efficient yacht  propulsion systems on the market the ZF 4000 POD series is having an overall positive environmental impact while delivering increased performance and a reduction of running costs. Controlled by the ZF Smart Command control system and the JMS (Joystick Maneuvering system) creates unparalleled maneuverability, accurate speed control, and the ability to comfortably dock a large marine vessel the same as a small vessel. Safety and ease are built-in proponents of the system, Beneficial Features of the ZF 4000 series POD Drive Fuel Efficiency increase as much as 20% S

New PC76 Power Catamaran, Power Cat Performance with Mega Yacht Luxury

03 Apr 12

Horizon Yachts has outdone itself with the new Horizon PC76. Driven by the pursuit to build a premium mega yacht of grandiose proportions, innovative design and superior performance, the new PC76 has the same amenities and spaciousness of 110ft mega yacht it is the ultimate power luxury catamaran. The PC76 design started with world class yacht design and manufacturing experience, our design team employed the latest technology in both the design of the boat as well as on the boat itself. The result is a highly charismatic yacht unmatched in performance, presentation, and quality. In Horizon’s quest to create the perfect cruising yacht, the design and engineering criteria includes: The ability to custom build the interior on the PC76 in order to suit owners specific requirements. Powered by twin 1000hp engines reaching cruising speeds of 20 knots. Built to the highest International standards ensuring that retains high resale value Extremely safe and stable at sea while

State of the Art Yacht Design and World Class Manufacturing

03 Mar 12

Horizon Yachts is one of the top luxury yacht builders in the world and has earned numerous awards for design and manufacturing quality.  Horizon has achieved world class excellence through the most advanced design engineering processes, attention to the smallest details in design, state-of-the-art technology and production equipment.  One of Horizon Yachts recent manufacturing technology acquisitions was a new CNC milling system. Computer numerical control (CNC) milling systems bring a new level of precision and production capabilities to luxury yacht manufacturing.  Horizon Yachts acquired the MR-125 Gantry Milling System a CNC machine that is a boat builder’s dream which allows for beautifully orchestrated intricate designs with remarkable efficiency.  The new MR-125 CNC system along with Horizon Yachts world class production facility results in the highest quality yacht manufacturing with remarkable precision and reliability. The MR-125 Gantry Milling System is a 5-a

Horizon Yachts 2012 Luxury Yacht Line Up

20 Feb 12

Horizon Yachts is one of the top 10 internationally acclaimed yacht builders in the world. Committed to high standards of safety, quality, and design Horizon is ever evolving to provide customers with the highest satisfaction. As a fully integrated organization Horizon is able to incorporate the latest marine technology with the latest interior/exterior design layouts producing yachts that can adapt to any environment and arrive at any destination in world with ease and comfort. With a wide variety of series and models available and the flexibility of customizable options, Horizon has the yacht for every dream imaginable and will make each adventure the journey of a lifetime. Explore your Horizons aboard the yacht that was built for it. Horizon Yachts the best of the best. Horizon Yachts Model Series P Series Mega Yachts Horizon designs and builds a world class Mega Yacht. Extreme luxury, advanced construction, elegant design, attention to detail with fully customizable options d

Shark Diving A Caribbean Adventure

18 Jul 11

We found this spectacular shark diving video filmed in the Bahamas and liked it so much we thought it would be great to share on our blog.   Sharks are one of the most feared and awe inspiring creatures inhabiting the world’s oceans.  There are many species some more dangerous than others, from the Great Whites mostly found in South Africa, Australia and off the coast line of California among other places in the world to the more docile nurse shark species. If you’re among the more adventurous yachting enthusiast, you won’t want to miss out on a shark diving experience while cruising the warm tropical blue clear waters of the Caribbean. The Caribbean offers a wide variety of shark species and you can find a broad range of tour companies that will provide you with a shark encounter experience of every type from cage diving to free swim with species such as the tiger shark.  If you are a yacht owner you have the freedom to explore some of the most exotic and beautiful

Dolphin Encounters A Diving Adventure for the Whole Family

15 Jul 11

Diving and swimming with dolphins became popular during the 1980’s and 1990’s and has continued to increase in the new millennium.  We found this heartwarming dolphin encounter video filmed in the Bahamas and wanted to share it with you. Dolphins are one of the most playful species found in the ocean.  Dolphins have a way of stirring the hearts and curiosity of every one of all ages.  The behaviors that you see at Sea World are the same behaviors dolphins exhibit in the wild creating a fun filled awe inspiring adventure for the whole family.  Whether swimming with the dolphins on the surface of diving to witness their underwater habitat, a wild dolphin encounter is a life changing event. Dolphins are a social creature and can be found swimming in pods.  Their social structure is well defined while each dolphin maintains its own individual personality and mood.  They are just as curious about us as we are of them and enjoy interacting with humans. The Caribbean has the