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Atech Composites

To Horizon Yacht and Horizon Power Catamaran owners, Atech Composites is the behind-the-scenes hero responsible for the quality and reliability of their yacht build. To its clients, Atech offers the technology and capabilities necessary to manufacture high quality, custom FRP products in the land, marine, aviation and green energy fields while also consulting on complete manufacturing solutions. Atech has the facilities to exceed in all areas including special fabrication projects. It is not one single capability that propels Atech to enjoy this reputation, but rather an emphasis on teamwork, a comprehensive integration of technologies and resources and, most importantly, the continuous pursuit of excellence.

Atech Composites

Team of Experts

Atech Composites

The Atech Compsites team is comprised of high-level professionals with backgrounds in a variety of fields including technology, research and development, design, composite structures, manufacturing and management. Through a corporate culture that is low key but united in a spirit of excellence, each member of the Atech team is challenged to improve his or her individual abilities, explore unknowns, challenge possibilities and always exceed customer expectations. This mindset allows the Atech team to continuously break through industry barriers while improving manufacturing processes and upgrading technology.

Strong Design Background

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The experience accumulated over years of manufacturing cross-industry FRP components has allowed Atech to build upon its solid foundation in product design, structural design, model design, lamination design and manufacturing process design. In addition to working with Rhino, CATIA and the latest software for product 3D CAD design, Atech also uses the Finite Element Method (FEM) – a method of numerical analysis commonly utilized in the aerospace and automotive industries – to determine a product’s ideal structural strength at the design phase through analysis of stress simulation results. These capabilities allow the Atech design team to quickly outline an ideal blueprint of a product even if it is only a concept provided by the customer.

Outstanding Integration Capability

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Once a product design is complete, the design concept must become reality. Having produced FRP components for yachts, wind blades, unmanned aircraft, race cars and light rail vehicle front ends, Atech is well versed in its capability to integrate any design concept into the manufacturing process. Through an efficient oversight process, Atech is able to control each detail of construction and integrate the manufacturing processes while offering complete service – from the production of the mold to the FRP components manufacturing to the final inspection of the finished product.

Comprehensive Composite Materials Databases

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Having manufactured cross-industry FRP components for the past decade, Atech has compiled comprehensive composite materials databases pertaining to the land transportation, aviation and energy industries, in addition to the yacht sector. These databases record the properties, mechanical characteristics and other useful information about raw materials and allow Atech to immediately select the most appropriate materials to use when starting any new manufacturing project.

Refined Manufacturing Technologies and Techniques

Atech is well known for its advanced technology and specialization in the field of composites and its ability to reduce weight while improving structural integrity and strength. Through an efficient manufacturing process that combines cutting-edge technology with state-of-the-art equipment, Atech can product safe, beautiful and lightweight FRP components that are strong and durable.

The advanced technologies and equipment include:

  • Sandwich Structure: The innovative “sandwich structure,” made of lightweight cores and fiberglass, is far lighter than a 100% FRP structure at the same thickness. Using the sandwich structure for hull sides and other FRP components can significantly reduce the weight as well as the possibility of deformation.
  • Fiber pre-cut technology: Commonly used in the aviation industry, the advanced “fiber pre-cut” technology is a process implemented by Atech to improve the manufacturing process. In this method, a fixed long strip of fiber mats is pre-cut to match with the complex shapes of component parts before laying the mats. This allows for a large area of fiber mat to accurately and completely cover the mold and structure, thereby reducing fiber overlap and increasing production efficiency.
  • 3D vacuum infusion technology: The key technology of vacuum infusion is to distribute the pipes for even resin dissemination. The Atech’s exclusive 3D vacuum infusion technology allows for mult-directional resin flow, allowing the resin the climb up and down the tubes if desired. In the case of a yacht build, Atech’s improved infusion technology facilitates the resin flow in all directions instead of in a planar direction only. As such, the stiffeners can be integrated with the yacht during the infusion process, making the yacht both stronger and lighter.
  • Automatic resin infusion equipment: Atech is the only shipyard in Asia to utilize the automatic infusion machine for resin infusion. By using this machine, the proportion of catalyst, the resin flow and the infusion pressure can be precisely controlled during the infusion process and all of the data can be continuously logged to maintain the steady product quality.

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Complete Quality Control

Atech controls and ensures product quality throughout the manufacturing process, from concept to  completion. Through specialized testing machines and an in-house laboratory tasked specifically with testing the fiberglass content of the composite materials, Atech can select the most suitable materials for use prior to construction and further test these materials during the construction process. Since 2013, Atech is also the only composites manufacturer in Taiwan applying Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) to inspect the critical areas of every yacht component it manufacturers. NDT is the most advanced inspection technique for detecting inner defects without damaging the component. With NDT, infrared rays are utilized to detect temperature differences on the component surface which would indicate whether any interior defect, such as an air bubble or detachment, had occurred.

Efficient E Management System

Since its establishment, Atech has maintained a system that manages production, logistics, quality and engineering. Through this e-management system, all information about the production schedule, design drawings, product weights, molds, material inventory, human resources and product quality of various components can be managed, tracked and overseen. Through this system, the team can check the latest progress and required working hours to ensure production is on schedule, as well as follow up on the consumption and inventory of materials to ensure sufficient stocks for production.

Atech Composites, a strong technical support to the Horizon Group, has evolved into a cross-industry-specialized composites manufacturer comprised of an expert team, pioneering technology, scientific management and outstanding integration abilities. Atech’s plans remain to continually improve upon its technologies and enhance its capabilities, while customer trust and positive reputation remain the motivating factors behind a continuous pursuit of excellence.

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