Alec Hammond: July News From Good Ship, PTOLEMY

Whilst all our family and friends in the UK have been basking in a heatwave, weather out here in the Bahamas has been and still is ‘interesting’ with constant strong winds mostly from the east and regular rain squalls; not complaining of course! Just mentioning it because I don’t want Ron Maydon getting too cross…. We don’t let it get us down, we continue to have fun against all odds even if it is too rough to go on the ocean side chasing Tuna….

Fun aboard PTOLEMY

We tried to get to the far off Ragged islands with Martin and Paula Brewer to revisit their wedding beach and celebrate their second wedding anniversary but the weather was a little to lively, so we settled for chilling in the Exumas.

After Paula and Martin, we were joined by four more pale and pasty Brits, Mark and Mary Wallbutton plus Noel and Amy Collett. And low and behold, a small weather window appeared allowing the 200 odd mile run to the Raggeds from New Providence, which is where we are now. Needless to say, the wind has kicked up again which will make for a lively run back to the Exumas and Staniel Cay later in the week. Raccoon Cay image under, excellent anchorage.

fun times aboard PTOLEMY map

We slipped into Duncan Town, population about 60, to revisit the locals. Couldn’t find an open bar to get a cold one or two, so asked a Police house, where Officer Daniels loaded us into his Police Jeep and delivered us to Latoya’s place. He stayed of course to ‘refresh’ with us before delivering us back to the dinghy dock. Noel for those that are unaware, managed to fall through his garage roof some time back and is in slow recovery with considerable Meccano in his ankles.

police aboard ptolemy bahamas ptolemybar hopping ptolemy

In all the time since we left the Exumas, we have not seen another boat and apart from the few folk in Duncan town, the sixty miles of the waters and land of the Ragged islands are completely deserted except for one lovely old man living on the beach on Buenavista Cay, Edward Lockhart. Wonderful old character, claims to be 80th in succession to the English Throne! Really enterprising guy doing his best to live off the land and build himself a house which at 75 years of age must be tough.

We explained to him that a very good friend from Kimcote in Leicestershire, is now unemployed and might like to help him finish the project. 😉

bahamas ptolemy

Moving on towards Flamingo and Water Cays today, wind has not slackened off so it could be a bouncy ride, well worth it though to be in these prestige deserted islands with incredible wild life.

Best to all, from the crew of the good ship, PTOLEMY!

fun in bahamas on ptolemy

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