Alec Hammond Shares 2017 Horizon Yachts Owners Rendezvous Experience!

Oh blessed relief, the last one for a while!!

A Rendezvous for the Horizon Power Catamarans is settling into an annual event (AKA: alcoholic marathon party for five days!) This year it was a way bigger event. Horizon Yacht Company is celebrating 30 years of building luxury yachts and organized a huge Rendezvous in the Abaco Islands to celebrate, so of course the two events combined.

17, yes 17, Powercats attended. Bear in mind that hull one was only started in 2011, quite some achievement. Horizon Yachts turned up with 11 yachts including a 120ft and several other really large boats.

I won’t attempt to describe each day mainly because the alcoholic haze has left me confused, so here are a few snapshots to give you a flavor of the event.

alec hammond horizon rendezvous 17
We were spotted from the air by Marc Currier who was flying into the event from Fort Lauderdale. You can see Heather Sharp on the aft deck probably wondering why some lunatic in a small plane was buzzing us.

john lu alec hammond horizon yachts

Horizon Yacht Company was founded 30 years ago by this talented young man, John Lu. This image was probably 27 years ago and the crazy one behind him, with a scraggy beard sharing the joke, is me!

alec hammond john lu horizon rendezvous 17

Fast forward 27 years to the Rendezvous and the same two guys are still sharing humor, oh and quite a few beers….

alice lu horizon power catamarans

Behind every great man, is a wonderfully supportive wife. Meet the very lovely Alice Lu.

horizon power catamarans rendezvous 2017

Hope Town in the Abacos has an incredible historic lighthouse. Mathew Sharp bravely struggled to the top, to take this image of Hope Town anchorage and Marina, overwhelmed with Horizon Powercats.

horizon rendezvous 17 ptolemy

Here is the crew of Ptolemy lowering the tone a bit with the theme ‘going Bananas in the Bahamas’!!

jabulani ptolemy horizon rendezvous 2017

Jabulani and Ptolemy anchored within ‘kissing distance’ in Marsh Harbour, Abacos.

The mega yachts and some Powercats split off on the last day and did some incredible maneuvers with almost navel precision led by the 120ft Mega Yacht. All captured by a photographer in a helicopter. Check out the HORIZON site and be amazed!!

horizon power catamarans 2017 rendezvous

Meanwhile, the Powercat flotilla went to a quiet Bay and we performed our own ‘miracle’ orchestrated by Richard Ford, a raft up of 14 boats!  That too has been recorded by a photographer in a helicopter and the images may now be up on Horizon site!

horizon power catamarans 2017 rendezvous

horizon power catamarans 2017 rendezvous
There was one rather uncomfortable moment when Richard’s VHF message asking all to “move on the flybridge dingy deck” was misheard by many as “moon on the flybridge dingy deck.” Hopefully photo shop can be employed to protect the more sensitive amongst us.

So, that’s goodbye from me and goodby from Lady B for now.

kalik bear ptolemy

P.S. Barbara’s advert for Kalik, beer of the Bahamas!!

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