Horizon Power Catamarans

About Horizon Power Catamarans

Horizon Yacht History

With the unchanged childhood passion for boats and a love of the ocean, CEO John Lu founded Horizon Yacht, parent company of Horizon Group, in 1987. Returning home to Kaohsiung, his hometown, after graduating from the National Taiwan Ocean University with a degree in naval architecture, Lu ventured into gaining experience of the yacht industry. With a strong goal to bring clients their own ultimate dream yacht to life, Horizon Yacht was created. Lu’s success as a naval architect remains apparent today.

When Lu had created Horizon, the Taiwan yacht industry, as he knew it, was prospering almost certainly. Unfortunately not long after, Taiwan’s yachting industry took a major hit in an unexpected recession. Having to adjust business strategies to continue their success, Horizon shifted target markets to Europe, Australia, and Asia. Along with business changes they also focused on changing manufacturing processes that required they adhere to stringent yacht quality and safety requirements in Europe and Japan. By doing so, they earned a distinct reputation for building yachts of outstanding quality and value. As a result to Horizon’s continual progress and advancements, the company was able to prevail over Taiwan’s economic recession.

In 1993, Lu recognized a demand for high-value megayachts and began building yachts reaching over 80 feet. The Horizon Yacht factory encountered limits on production scale, so Lu was then forced to begin focusing on increased production capacity and improved product quality through specialized processes. Moving the company forward as a luxury yacht builder, the decision to officially become a part of the megayacht market was a notable milestone for Horizon and proved Lu to be a visionary in the yachting industry.

From 2000 to 2005, Lu continued to expand Horizon with it’s other three companies – Atech Composites, Vision Yachts and lastly Premier Yacht having each assigned its own build concentration. To build a more comprehensive range of yachts, the Horizon Yacht company was redeveloped. Horizon Group was then formed to work as a cohesive organization that interconnects the four companies allowing the exchange of ideas and resources. The Horizon Group Management center was established in 2007 to help organize and oversee the Horizon Group network.

Known throughout the industry for its sophisticated craftsmanship, superior build techniques, and innovative technology, Horizon Yacht has emerged as the leading Asian yacht brand in the luxury megayacht market since its inception in 1987. One-third of Taiwan’s yacht industry total export quantity has been contributed by Horizon, elevating Taiwan as one of the world’s top five luxury megayacht building nations. Horizon has been honored as “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder” 6 years in a row and is the first and only member of SYBAss (Superyacht Builder’s Association) from the Far East.

Horizon Business Concept

Horizon’s integrated company structure is leading contributor to creating and building yachts that embody each client’s dreams; which has been Horizon’s endeavor since its establishment. It allows each subsidiary company to build high-quality vessels in a short construction time by allowing them to focus on their area of expertise. Using Horizon’s patented SCRIMP process, Aztech Composite Company specializes in building yacht hulls and superstructures as well as composite engineering. Vision Yachts build yachts ranging from 48 to 78 feet, Premier Yacht builds custom megayachts 100 feet up, and Horizon Yacht build yachts ranging from 46 to 120 feet.

To improve overall efficiency by supervising the Horizon Group network, the Horizon Group Management Center was created. It includes a delivery center, human resource center, mold center, IT center, as well as marketing center. Horizon remains strongly focused on not only extraordinary costumer service, but also places a great importance on consistent product quality resulting in a standardized working procedure and computerized knowledge-sharing platform for continual improvement and growth. Horizon adheres to the world’s most reputable classification societies, adopting exacting international standards in design and construction of private luxury yachts.

Horizon Perspective

Costumer satisfaction remains Horizon’s major priority. We strive to advance and improve every aspect of the boat-building process while investing in the future’s new model and series development. We continue to focus on environmentally friendly yacht designs and manufacturing processes. Horizon will continue to evolve and succeed while providing luxury yachts that better serve our costumer’s needs as one of the world’s top 10 luxury yacht builders.

Horizon Milestones

  • 1987 Founded Horizon Yacht Company
  • 1993 Entered the megayacht market
  • 1995 Delivered the first megayacht 80-footer
  • 1999 Applied new patented “SCRIMP” resin vacuum infusion technology to yacht building
  • 2000 Established subsidiary Atech Composite Company dedicating to building hulls and superstructures
  • 2001 Established subsidiary shipyard, Vision Yachts Company to build yachts ranging from 48 to 74 feet
  • 2002 Started R&D in alternative power resources, especially in manufacturing of wind turbine blades
  • 2005 Established subsidiary shipyard, Premier Yachts dedicating to building megayachts
  • 2007 Established Horizon Group Management Center
  • 2008 Launched the world’s largest one-shot SCRIMP hull vessel, P130+ “Miss Rose”
  • 2008 Entered the steel megayacht market with the EP148 Explorer
  • 2009 Launched the Taiwan’s largest FRP megayacht, 136-foot “Bikini Queen 2”
  • 2009 Launched Taiwan’s first Solar Boat, SC23
  • 2010 Became the first and only SYBAss member from the Far East
  • 2011 Launch of the new PC 60 – Luxury Power Catamaran series.
  • 2012 Horizon launches 148ft luxury expedition yacht


  • 2006 Awarded “Best Asian Super Yacht” Award and “Best Asian Yacht Builder” Award at the Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2006
  • 2007 Awarded “Best Asian Yacht Builder (under 100 feet)” by Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2007
  • 2007 Won the “2007 Taiwan Superior Brand” competition
  • 2008 Awarded “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (70-100 feet)” by Christofle Asia Boating Awards 2008
  • 2008 Horizon 65 Flybridge Motor Yacht won the Australian Marine Awards
  • 2009 Horizon P130+ “Miss Rose” selected as a Finalist for “Best Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 40M+ Size Range” Award at “The World Superyacht Awards 2009”
  • 2009 Awarded “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (86 feet and up)” by Asia Boating Awards 2009
  • 2009 Horizon RP120 “Espresso” won “Taiwan Yacht of the Year 2009” Award
  • 2010 Horizon E88 motoryacht and SC46 solar power boat won the “Taiwan Excellence 2010” Awards
  • 2010 Horizon RP120 “Espresso” selected as a Finalist for “Best Semi-Displacement or Planing Motor Yacht in the 30M+ Size Range” Award at “The World Superyacht Awards 2010”
  • 2010 Awarded “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder (51-80 feet)” by Asia Boating Awards 2010
  • 2011 Horizon P130 tri-deck luxury yacht won the “Taiwan Excellence” Awards.
  • 2011 Awarded “Best Asian Motor Yacht Builder ( 81 feet and up)” by Asia Boating Awards
  • 2012 Horizon P136 “Angara” selected as a Finalist for “Three- deck Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Yachts” Award at “The World Superyacht Awards 2012
  • 2012 Horizon RP120 “MUSES” selected as a Finalist for “Raised pilot house Semi-displacement or Planing Motor Yachts” Award at “The World Superyacht Awards 2012