A Bahamas Wedding!

“Our good friends, Martin and Paula, have been engaged for some time now, and the good ship Blue Horizon planned a cruise to the remote Ragged Islands, way south in the Bahama Islands and just 60 nms from Cuba. We had a spare cabin so just 3 weeks ago, we suggested to Martin and Paula that they join the cruise AND get married on a beach!! After several phone calls to the Bahamas they said YES! The charming Charlene from Administrators office at Duncan Town – population 77 – got stuck in arranging everything and the beach at Hog Cay was chosen for the wedding.
The beach has the advantage of some, err, shacks and stuff built up over the years by cruising¬†boaters passing by. Lovely local folk arrived at the back of Blue Horizon with gifts for the party, including, Hog Fish, Conch, a bottle of Vodka and “Summer Crab”… ¬†They even sent a ‘work party’ to sweep seaweed off the beach!”
-Alec Hammond
See below beautiful photos from the romantic Bahamas Wedding.
Bahamas Wedding Blue Horizon
Bahamas Wedding Blue Horizon
Bahamas Sunset Blue HorizonBahamas Wedding Blue HorizonBahamas OverviewBahamas WeddingBahamas Lobster Blue Horizon

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