Oxford Guests Enjoy Times Aboard PC60 Ptolemy

And then the ‘boys’ arrived; four directors of Oxford Products in the UK, ably led by my baby son Andrew, well he is only 45, so very young…. I have little in the way of images of their week with us, probably because it was over in a flash of alcoholic haze. They led Barbara and I, tea totalling abstainers, ┬ácompletely astray.

Best I can manage is an image of a happy Finance Director clutching his supper.

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Well he is never one to shun publicity so here is an image of Andrew with ‘his pal’ the then British Prime Minister…. I think DC is telling his secretary some of Andrew’s deepest secrets. No images of him on the boat, need to protect our more innocent readers…

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Following rapidly on, we had another four Oxford guests, not quite permanently drunk so there were some images, well at least they arrived sober and looking rather smart in matching Ptolemy golf shirts.

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But it didn’t last……. on another dark night the handsome dude on the right dropped his expensive shades in the drink and couldn’t find them. The lovely lady on the left didn’t hesitate, she dived straight in and surfaced clutching his shades, which meant she only had one hand left to try to (unsuccessfully) cover her modesty, sorry, no images of that….

alec hammond ptolemy

We thought this image of yours truly taking over the bar at Lorraine’s needed dumbing down….

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Whilst on ‘sepia tones’, what a stunning image of Des protecting his wife from all those hungry sharks at Compass Cay…

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The next adventure was to tow a 20ft Boat the 40 Miles from Nassau to the Berry islands and into the safe care of friends Peter and Erica, on a nice calm day. They have named the boat ‘Primrose’.

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We stole Libby, the Jabulani breakfast Queen, away from her boat in Palm Cay and managed to keep her for the run to the Berrys and on up to Great Harbour before husband Frank, Captain of Jabulani, realized she was missing and demanded her return. I think he was hungry.

alec hammond ptolemy

Stay with me, Newsletter #8 coming soon with tales of daring do!

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